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We are thrilled to be working with Birmingham's finest art-rockers Mutes on the release of their debut album this year. 'Vanishing' is a taster of what to expect!

Fronted by principal songwriter James Brown (also of Black Country noise-mongers God Damn), Mutes have been exhibiting their exquisite brand of noise and ambient-influenced post-punk around the country since 2014.

A reflection on mortality and all of its trappings, ‘Vanishing’ hangs guitar-led intricacy akin to punk-pioneers Television and the dynamism of no-wavers Sonic Youth upon a backbone that is almost krautrock-esque in its solidity - all woven together with the melodic sensibility which is so unique throughout the work of Mutes.

It is indicative of the promise upon which their forthcoming LP will deliver - higher fidelity, more complex songwriting and a dark-hinted disposition that runs throughout the ambitious collection of tracks.

Written by James
Drums by Junior Laidley
Bass by George Demetriades
Guitar by Anon
Vocals/Guitar by James
Recorded and mixed by Dom James at 123 Studios
Mastered by James